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Asphalt Screens

Finedoor has supplied a range or replacement screens for asphalt plants over the years including Parer, Marini, ATCP, Benninghoven, Telemat Pegson and Barbour Green. 

Asphalt screens usually range from 2.0 metre – 7.3 metre x 1.0 metre – 2.4 metre’s wide varying in the number of decks. 

Replacement screens are designed to utilise the existing chutes configuration and screen mounts to prevent costly modifications to the plant’s original footprint.

Finedoor’s apshalt screens can be supplied with a fully enclosed cabinet or with encapsulation rubber as part of a dust suppression system.
All our screens are powered by a robust proven design drive mechanism which incorporates two self-aligning spherical roller bearings.
The standard lubrication to the bearings is grease, however, we are also able to offer oil bath lubrication or pumped oil lubrication systems.

Pumped oil units offer a number of benefits over grease and oil bath, one of the key benefits is that the constant oil temperature provided by the pumped oil unit mitigates the increased operating temperature required when processing WRAP materials.