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Tine/Finger Screens

The Finedoor range of Finger Screens has been developed specifically for difficult screening problems.

Heavy Duty Finger/Tine Screen
This screen is utilised where the input material needs to be separated as it contains sticky material or clays. This screen eliminates the downtime associated with de-pegging woven wire or polyurethane screen media when used in these types of applications.
The finger screen is made up of a series of hardened steel tines/fingers which are approximately 30mm in diameter tapering to a point which are secured into the deck frame. The tines can be easily unbolted and replaced over time. The spacing of the fingers can be altered to suit individual customers’ requirements with variations from 70mm to 150mm.
Areas where a finger screen can be employed are:

Soils – Where heavy clays need breaking up or the soil is contaminated with rubble and debris.

Recycling – Preventing large items damaging or blinding the screening surface e.g. doors, plastic sheets, oversize boulders from skip waste.

Sand & Gravel – Containing clays.

Quarrying – Scalping materials such as quarry overburden to remove oversize material etc.

Recycling Finger Screen
This screen is utilised where the operator is trying to prevent the screen from blinding with lighter elements found in recycling such as paper and plastics.
Working on the same concept as the heavy duty screen the fingers vibrate along the length to prevent pegging and blinding of the screen.
This screen utilises a modular system where the fingers/tines are set into polyurethane mounting blocks. All the recycling finger screens are bespoke with the finger screens are bespoke with the fingers/tines offered in a variety of spacing’s length and angle. The spacing between the fingers can be as low as 10mm and can be offset.

Finedoor can manufacture either screen with additional decks under the screen to grade the separated material. Screens can size from 3 – 6 long and 1.0 – 2m wide.

The screens can be designed to fit on to existing structures, designed into existing processing stations or can be supplied on a suitable mounting structure.

As with all Finedoor projects we aim to provide a bespoke service to our clients, contact us to find out more.