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Site Inspections

Back Ground
  • We have found that staff who work persistently on machines and partake in regular plant maintenance, and the management overseeing their care, can come accustomed to how a screen runs. Unfortunately, with bearings and media being the usual cause of any downtime staff often become complacent with the rest of the screen structure, support frame, drive, infeed, and discharge chute.
  • Finedoor provides a fresh pair of eyes to inspect the machinery we specialise in, intending to provide an honest no-nonsense report on the condition of the screen and plant. Allowing proactive maintenance to be undertaken, preventing possible catastrophic failures down the line.
  • The Site Inspection Visit & Report aims to catch possible machine failures before they can occur, as well as to report on other areas that, whilst not immediately a problem, need to be monitored or rectified within a timeframe to avoid downtime.


  • The Inspection works from a traffic light system allowing a more accurate depiction of the severity of the issue. These are completed on-site and are a factual description during usual running. A report will then be provided, going into more depth about the condition of the screen and surrounding plant that requires attention. 
  • During this phase, any remedial work that we believe we could provide will be quoted ( No Obligation) as our tender for the work.