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New Screen For Singleton Birch!

Finedoor has recently designed, manufactured, and installed a 3.0 metre x 1.5 metre single deck grading screen, the second one within the last 18 months. Both screens are critically positioned to grade material entering the kilns, each running 24/7 to keep up with demand.

Singleton Birch have been operating from it’s Melton Ross Site for over 200 Years producing various premium lime products with approximately 350,000 tonnes per year being delivered to worldwide markets. Finedoor will shortly be installing a third single deck screen, which means a quadruple of Finedoor screens will soon be feeding all four kilns at Singleton Birch.

Singleton Birch Commented: ‘Finedoor have produced and fabricated bespoke screens for our kiln feed system with exceptional quality and attention to detail. I have personally overseen their installation of the screens and seen first-hand their workmanship and expertise on the job. Health and safety is always paramount at Singleton Birch and the Finedoor team carried out the installation to exceptionally high standards. We have seen first hand the quality of the screens and are still seeing the benefits from the first screen that was installed. From the design stage at order to the finished installation, the service provided is top class!’

Jamie Harper ‘Senior Project Engineer’ – Singleton Birch

Andrew Firth, Finedoor’s Sales Director, commented: ‘Finedoor have a long working relationship with Singleton Birch going back some 30 years. With 7 Finedoor screens operational at Singleton Birch’s Melton Ross site, it illustrates Finedoor’s on going ability to supply quality vibration screens and service to a high demand client such as Singleton Birch.